Send & receive text messages from a tablet/PC using your current Android phone #

Posted by Marius D. on January 03, 2014  /   Posted in Communication, Technology

We have just released EndlessJabber, an Android app that enables you to send & receive text messages from any browser.

EndlessJabber is a lightweight Android app that takes just 30 seconds to setup.

  1. Select the Google account you want to use
  2. That’s it, the app automatically syncs all of your messages!

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Once EndlessJabber is installed, you can access the web portal from your tablet/PC or any browser. Just navigate to

The interface is clean, and mobile friendly – it adjusts to the device you are viewing it from:

Home Capture

Aside from letting you receive and send SMS & MMS messages, it allows you to search your contacts, view statistics such as how many text messages you have sent & received, view your battery level and whether or not your phone is charging, and it even syncs your read status with your phone!

When you receive a new text message a popup notification alerts you and key visual indicators allow you to quickly see what messages are unread.



So if you have an Android phone check out EndlessJabber today, it will become an indispensable tool in your productivity arsenal!



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