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How to Become and Stay A Successful Software Architect

Posted by Marius D. on May 31, 2013  /   Posted in Informational, Personal, Technology

What exactly is a software architect anyway?

Software development, relatively speaking, is an incredibly young craft. Additionally, the role of an architect within a software development organization is a very fluid one (same goes for CTO). I believe it is important to understand how an architect fits in the software development environment, both within the engineering and the business organisations, before we can discuss how to become one!

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Requirement #1 – Experience and exposure

Let’s image we are equating software development to rope making. The following chart will express the equivalent experience level expected in each of the different position:

Position Relative Experience
jr developer learns about rope
developer can tie basic knots
senior developer calculates rope strength and knows a lot about knots
architect knows more about rope than you ever will
senior architect invented nylon

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